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Welcome to our friendly and caring dental office.

A lot of people tell us that there are places they’d rather be than a dental office. They appreciate Pure Zen Dentistry because we make it enjoyable, even fun, comfortable, and quick. Our patients can rest assured they will leave happy. This is why we enjoy what we do so much. Whether you are coming in for a dental cleaning or a dental emergency if we can provide the dental solutions you need, quality care, and put a smile on your face at the same time, that makes our day.

Here are some of the comments we have gotten when we have asked patients how their visit went:

“I just had my first visit and was extremely happy. Every single person that I came in contact with was happy and seemed to really care about me. They took the time to explain everything to me and also to make my visit as painless as possible.”

“Besides the overall competence and friendliness of absolutely everyone in the office, I absolutely LOVE that the office runs on schedule. Like clockwork. No sitting in the waiting room forever. This is so refreshing. Thanks!”

“From the down-to-earth tech to the steady-handed dentist, this was the best dental experience.”

“The staff is terrific—you can really tell they enjoy their work.”

Here is our approach to your dental care:

  • Friendly, courteous service is our focus. You’ll notice this the moment you walk in the front door.
  • We strive to make you comfortable. We recognize that many people are fearful of dental care. But we cater to cowards. In fact, our objective is to make you feel like you have been to a spa, not to a dental office. The aroma of scented candles will greet you.
  • Clinical competence is at the core of all we do. When you understand that we take the trouble to do everything right, that is a key ingredient in putting you at ease.
  • We listen. We want to know your feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

Browse through this website. Get to know our team. Learn more about the qualifications and achievements of the dentists who would be treating you. Read about the extensive experience we have in dental implants and sedation dentistry. Read testimonials from patients about our commitment to quality care. See what services we offer and the effort we have put into clinical excellence. We hope you’ll feel like you have found your dental home.


Contact our office to schedule an appointment for an exam. Or, if you would first like to see our office, meet Dr. Hein and discuss your treatment options, you can request a complimentary consultation. Our office is in Indianapolis and is conveniently located for residents in the vicinity of Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville.

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