I have been wearing 2 temporary crowns since the 6th of this month, a little more than 2 weeks. One of the crowns hurts. It didn’t hurt when my dentist first put it on. I think it was 3 or 4 days later. Should a temporary crown hurt? – Leigh

Leigh – A temporary crown, usually made from acrylic, is used to cover your tooth to prevent it from becoming sensitive while you wait for the permanent crown.

If any part of the tooth is exposed, sweet food, air, or cold can cause pain. If the tooth is exposed for more than a week, it can become infected and need a root canal treatment.

A crown that leaks is susceptible to attracting tiny particles that get trapped between the crown and the tooth. The particles start to smell and will eventually irritate the tooth. The cement used to secure the crown can also be an irritant, but the irritation should gradually go away.

Since your discomfort has lingered, make an appointment to see your dentist to examine the tooth. You should be receiving your permanent crown soon, but your tooth still should be checked.

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