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Will diabetes affect my teeth?

I was diagnosed with diabetes three weeks ago. I am wondering if there is anything I need to know about caring for my teeth. I get lots of compliments on my smile, and I don’t want diabetes to change it. I know diabetes can contribute to a lot of other health issues. How will it [...]

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Should a temporary crown hurt?

I have been wearing 2 temporary crowns since the 6th of this month, a little more than 2 weeks. One of the crowns hurts. It didn’t hurt when my dentist first put it on. I think it was 3 or 4 days later. Should a temporary crown hurt? – Leigh Leigh – A temporary crown, [...]

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Teeth are sensitive to cold after my wisdom teeth were removed

Three weeks ago, all 4 of my wisdom teeth were removed. I am starting to notice that many of my bottom teeth are sensitive to cold. Should I be concerned? – Victor Victor – At times, when wisdom teeth are removed, teeth in front of it become sensitive to cold or air. The sensitivity is [...]

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Need soft denture for upper teeth

I am looking for an upper denture that is soft and flexible. I don’t like feeling a hard denture in the roof of my mouth. I’ve tried to do some on-line research myself but I cannot find anything on it. Does a soft upper denture exist? – Jane F. from Iowa Jane – There are [...]

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