I read that sour candy is worse for teeth than just regular candy. Is that true? Thanks – Lauren

Lauren – Any candy that contains sugar is bad for our teeth. But different types of candy have varying Ph levels, which can affect the extent of damage to your teeth. Water has a Ph of 7, which is neutral. The lower the Ph level, the more acidic an item is. Many sour or tart candies have a Ph of 3 or lower.

Where’s the harm? When the Ph level in your mouth drops below 4, the acid weakens tooth enamel. It can even result in loss of teeth. The more acidic candy you eat, the more damage is done to your teeth.

If you are having problems breaking the habit of eating sour candy, thoroughly rinse your mouth after you eat it. Rinsing can help neutralize the acid and reduce the changes of damage to your teeth. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride. But by all means, break the habit. If your teeth are already sensitive or damaged, see your dentist to find out what needs to be done to protect your teeth from further damage.

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