I’ve had a toothache for almost three weeks now. I keep taking motrin and I put ambesol on my gums around the tooth but its still aching and its getting worse. Are there any other remedies that I should try? I don’t have much money for a dentist. Paul from Cleveland

Paul – A persistent toothache is usually sign of an infection in the tooth. The infection will continue to spread until you receive help from a dentist. And it’s not just a matter of the infection spreading throughout the one tooth or to other tooth. The infection can spread to the jawbone, even to your brain.

It’s important for you to seek help immediately. There are, no doubt, emergency dentists in your area who can help you. The dentist will perform a quick procedure to stop the pain. Then he or she will exam the tooth to find the source of your toothache.

You will probably need a root canal treatment, which the dentist will likely do within the next few days after your emergency appointment. We understand your concerns about your budget, but if you don’t take action now, the end result can be much more costly, in addition to seriously affecting your health.

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