When I see a patient with a missing tooth or area of multiple teeth missing I almost always get a question or a comment: that sounds painful! Is it?

In my over a decade practice of dentistry I have seen hundreds of implants, placing and restoring them. So I can assure you from experience that as bad as placing an implant sounds, it is pretty much a painless procedure. Yes, it’s invasive and the sound of drilling on bone certainly isn’t soothing but is anything in dentistry really relaxing?

Placing dental implants is necessary and a much needed treatment to replace a tooth or teeth that have been lost. I can tell you that if you had to go through tooth extraction that experience is much worse than an implant placement.  Where the dental implants are placed the bone doesn’t have many sensitive nerves. During placement there will not be pain. We always use anesthetic and you are completely numb in area of placement. In addition to that, other sedation methods can be used to insure that you aren’t aware of what we are doing. Music and TVs will block sounds and you can sleep though procedure.

You might have heard of patients being uncomfortable after the procedure. This is mainly caused by the placement of bone grafts that are used to replace missing bone. Your body elicits a immune response that causes some discomfort which usually is easily managed by simply taking over the counter medications. I haven’t had to prescribe pain medication for any of our implant patients.

To summarize, there is no pain or very minimal discomfort during placement of the implant. To insure success of the procedure and reduce complications, I recommend replacing missing teeth within a year after losing a tooth or teeth. For more questions on the implant procedure or to discuss your personal situation, please call our office at (317) 849-3444 and we will be happy to discuss your case.