hi. I found a website that sells snap on smiles. I’m wondering how this work. If it’s good it could save me a lot of time from going to the dentist get to it. I read some of the reviews and some were good. Some were bad. It was really about 50/50 so I don’t want to get it from that site. I need better odds. Do you have any recommendations for good sites that I can get it from? – Kristina S. from Pennsylvania

Kristina – To directly answer your question, we won’t recommend any website from which you can purchase a Snap-On Smile, and we have several reasons.

Den-Mat is the corporation that produces the Snap-On Smile. It only accepts orders from a licensed dentist. A dentist is trained to take impressions of your teeth in order to customize the smile makeover for you. So this raises questions about the validity of the product that you will receive.

After your dentist receives the Snap-On Smile back from the lab, he or she adjusts it for a better fit. Who will do that for you if you order it online? If you do it yourself, what happens if you trim it and it’s too loose? You’ve wasted your money.

Find local dentists who offer the Snap-On Smile. Impressions of your teeth will be taken correctly, it will be properly fitted for you, and you’ll know that you received the real thing.

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