I have a single front tooth that is crooked. The rest of my teeth are pretty much in line. There is a not a lot of space between them. They look good. This has not really been a concern to me until a recent promotion. I travel throughout the Midwest 70% of the time to meet potential clients and to follow up on new contracts. I want the most professional look I can get. What are my options for straightening the one tooth? – Thanks Tim

Tim – If you are frequently in front of the public or in business meetings, one option for straightening your tooth is Invisalign® invisible braces. From a conversational distance, people can’t tell that you’re wearing Invisalign. Treatment time is faster with these invisible braces.

Porcelain veneers can also be used to straighten the appearance of your tooth. A thin wafer of porcelain will be bonded to the front of your tooth. You can have your smile transformed with porcelain veneers in just a few appointments.

Speak with a cosmetic dentist about your options.

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