Dentists who are interested in providing cosmetic dentistry services will often post a smile gallery displaying their work.

We noticed a smile gallery on a dental website that is particularly interesting. It belongs to Dr. Donald Currie, a dentist in York, Pennsylvania.

What I like about it particularly is that, first, it is easy to use and unadorned, and second, it tells a little about each case. It gives a little background on the patient and often has some comments from them, and then it tells what procedure was done.

Dr. Julia Shalit also displays a smile gallery showing the results of some of her work. If you want any serious cosmetic dentistry, be sure, in looking for a cosmetic dentist to do this work for you, that they display a smile gallery on their website. If they truly do beautiful work, they will want to display that work proudly. But even some cosmetic dentists who aren’t very good have smile galleries – look over the work critically and make sure it meets your expectations.

This is the blog of Indianapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Julia Shalit.