I am looking for an upper denture that is soft and flexible. I don’t like feeling a hard denture in the roof of my mouth. I’ve tried to do some on-line research myself but I cannot find anything on it. Does a soft upper denture exist? – Jane F. from Iowa

Jane – There are dentures that have a soft lining for your jawbone. The soft lining protects bony ridges of the jaw from becoming sore from the denture. They are more expensive, they wear out quickly and they can require significant effort to keep clean.

The part of the denture that covers your palate is not soft, because the firmness is needed for the denture to fit correctly and for it to be stable when you chew.

If you don’t like the feel of the denture in the roof of your mouth, implant dentures might be an option. Dental implants for the upper dentures remove the need for the hard surface that is used for suction. The dentures will be secure and comfortable, and they will feel more like your natural teeth.

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