Here at Pure Zen Dentistry we are mercury-free. Many people are concerned about the possible toxicity of the mercury in silver fillings, which are actually about one-half mercury. There is no need to worry about that at our office, because we use mercury-free composite fillings and do not use the silver-mercury amalgam at all.

A step beyond that is holistic dentistry, which is dentistry practiced with special sensitivity to the potential toxicity of all materials used in the mouth. To read more about that, there is an excellent website by Dr. Kasia Lopez in Chicago, where she has a holistic dentistry page. There she brings up concerns like BPA in certain dental materials, impurities in water, and even possible contaminants in the construction materials in the office. You may want to look that over if you’d like more information about that.

This blog is sponsored by Indianapolis mercury-free dentist Dr. Julia Shalit.