Gentle Dentist

Many people associate a visit to the dentist’s office with needles or pain. Dental care or healthy teeth don’t come to mind for them. At Pure Zen Dentistry, our focus is on helping our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Eric Hein is a gentle dentist.

Gentle Dentist Techniques

If your dental treatment requires an injection and the thought of it scares you, we have topical anesthetic to numb the injection area first. Dr. Hein is known for his gentle techniques. One of our patients who had a wisdom tooth extracted said: “I never had a tooth pulled and this was actually a good experience. The doctor and assistant were fantastic. I had no pain. Very quick, overall great job.”


Another patient wrote: “Excellent doctor and staff. I have always received the most professional service and always enjoy the interaction with everyone. They are pleasant, caring and very competent. Dr. Hein knows how to give a shot without it ever hurting!”

If you need help to reduce your anxiety, you might benefit from sedation dentistry. Breathing nitrous oxide gas can help you to relax during the dental procedure. Or, if you require a stronger treatment, with oral conscious sedation, you’ll receive a small amount of anti-anxiety medication that will make you drowsy, but keep you conscious. Read about sedation dentistry on our website.

We enjoy caring for anxious patients. Dr. Hein will discuss your options with you in advance and determine what techniques are required to make your dental visit pleasant.

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