We saw a pathetic photograph of teeth damaged by bulimia:

These photographs, by the way, are courtesy of Chal Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona.

This is the view of the insides of the upper front teeth. All of the enamel is missing from all six front teeth and this patient is down to bare dentin on all these teeth. And even though the damage is on the insides of the teeth, it shows from the outside, because it is making the teeth thin. Here is the view from the front:

Notice how the teeth have a bluish translucent tone at the incisal edges and they are chipping and getting shorter.

It is important, emotionally, once the bulimia patient has overcome the binge-purge habit, to get the smile restored. Our experience is that if the smile is not restored, when they look in the mirror they are reminded of this ugly part of their past and they feel like a “freak,” to use the words of one patient. The treatment would be beautiful, bonded all-porcelain crowns, which would create a beautiful smile. But the disease needs to be overcome first, and then the teeth can be restored.

If you know someone suffering from this, please get in touch with Indianapolis cosmetic dentist Dr. Julia Shalit. She can help.