I need 6 dental implants. My dental insurance is not paying much at all for the implants. A huge part of the cost has to come out of my pocket. There is no way I can get all of the work done at once. It will take years to have the work done in stages. Do you know of any dental insurance companies that will help with a good portion of the cost of implants? – Robert

Robert – It is typical of dental insurance companies to contribute very little toward the cost of dental implants. This is because there are other forms of tooth replacement that cost less. A dental bridge, a partial denture, or dentures are less expensive.

Dental implants are the best way to restore missing teeth, so if it is within your budget to have the work done in stages, it is to your advantage. Your dentist likely offers payment plans, too. He or she will tell you about temporary forms of tooth replacement while you wait for implants.

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