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Dental Chicken

Dental ChickenIf you live in Carmel and consider yourself to be a dental chicken, Dr. Julia Shalit can help. And you should know that you’re not alone. We have many anxious and fearful patients. Dr. Shalit and our entire staff will make your dental visit enjoyable.

Dental Chicken Options

Sometimes it helps just to meet Dr. Shalit and get a feel for the office before you have an exam. And you can do that. Dr. Shalit invites you to schedule a complimentary consultation. You’ll be able to meet her, discuss your anxiety, ask questions, and find out your treatment options. You’ll be able to see our office and experience our relaxing and friendly atmosphere. And for some patients, that’s enough.

If you’re still experiencing a measure of anxiety, Dr. Shalit offers sedation dentistry, a safe means of relieving your anxiety. The mildest form of this treatment is nitrous oxide. You’ll be able to breathe in the gas during your treatment to help you relax. When your dental procedure is over, you’ll breathe pure oxygen to clear the nixtrous oxide.

But nitrous oxide is not sufficient for some of our patients, so oral conscious sedation might be needed. If that’s your situation, you can receive a small amount of oral anti-anxiety medication to calm you. You will still be conscious and have your reflexes, but you’ll have a relaxed dental appointment.

You can read more about these options on our sedation dentistry web page.

We’re confident that you’ll have a positive dental experience with us, just as our other anxious patients do. One of them commented: “I have some intense dental work that has to be done in the next few months and I was so impressed with everyone at this office. Everyone is friendly, very relaxed and attentive. Usually I get a lot of anxiety with any kind of doctor appointment, but I feel really at ease here.”

Although you might consider yourself to be a dental chicken, you can still have a healthy smile. Call our office to schedule an appointment or a complimentary consultation.