I’ve had 3 bad colds in the past 6 months or so. The most recent one started on Monday and now it’s full blown. I’ve never had this happen with before with colds but with every cold lately my teeth hurt. It might be a coincidence but can a cold make my teeth hurt? – Mike

The roots of upper teeth are close to the sinus cavity, and if there is blockage in the sinuses, it can put pressure on your teeth. You can feel soreness in your teeth with the flu, a sinus infection, or a cold. The pressure on the roots of your teeth can feel much like a toothache.

A cold can progress into a sinus infection, requiring antibiotics. In addition to toothache, some of the symptoms you may experience are a headache, pressure behind your eyes, fatigue, and yellow or green drainage from your nose. If these symptoms last longer than a week, see your doctor. You may need prescription medication to clear the infection.

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